Shhh, This Is A Sentence That You Should Not Say To A Partner

To build a comfortable relationship, you need to start from constructive communication. Already married or not, does not mean you can be free to say anything to your partner, you know. There are sentences that you shouldn't say if you don't want the situation to get hot. Actually, if your relationship and your partner is healthy, you both feel able to tell each other stories and share about all ideas, opinions, even criticism. This can only work if you and your partner really trust each other and are open. Hold Yourself Saying This Sentence Here are some sentences that you should not say to your partner: You shouldn't feel that way You might not intend to make your partner feel cornered. But all sentences with the word "should" tend to be judgmental. Especially if you question the reason your partner feels something. There is no one who can control what he must feel. All feelings of a partner need to be valued and heard. Including when he expressed sadne
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